ID Enterprises and longtime restaurant owner Steve Suser have been doing a lot of special things at Sparkies in Highland between 59 and Duck Lake rd

After many months of conceptualizing the Sparkies brand, and designing a restaurant that conveys it, remodeling began. In just one week in 2016, Sparkies closed, construction was completed and doors were re-opened. Customer’s were introduced to a brand new era in the restaurants journey as a staple in the Highland and Milford communities.

Along with the remodel, ID Enterprises and the Sparkies team have introduced a new loyalty rewards program and app, that allows frequent patrons to earn specials, buy gift cards and online order. The menu that loyalists have always loved has been re-energized with craft cocktails, shareables, and entrees like the lobster ravioli and pork belly sliders (my favorite). Most importantly, Steve has sponsored the two area high school athletic programs with a multi-year program. He truly feels as though Sparkies only exists because of the outstanding people of the nearby community. This is amplified with the new Sparkies slogan, Live Here, Work Here, For Here.  A reminder to all Sparkies employees how important community is to their brand.

Sparkies Kitchen & Bar
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