Brand Development

The food and beverage industry is as competitive and dynamic as ever. In business since 1989, Garden Foods has partnered with ID Enterprises to remain cutting-edge and maintain their national market share. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we are able to be proactive as trends emerge. Over the last three years ID Enterprises has designed 12 new brands for Garden Foods. This rapid development stage has consisted of mostly health, nutrition, and hydration specialized beverages, allowing Garden Foods to appeal to the changing marketplace.

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Smart Labels Solutions

ID Enterprises offers a turn-key inventory management and asset tracking solution utilizing smart label solutions software, scanning and RFID technology. We have developed and integrated an inventory control and data collection package to automate both the front end/kitchen operations and the back end logistics for Fresh N Healthy, a Westland, Michigan based provider of gourmet meals delivered to your home.

Our system allows them to error proof their inventory turnover, manage their purchasing of raw materials (in their case groceries), and prepares prep lists for their kitchen. Bar codes are printed on package labels that allow the meal to be tracked to the consumer. RFID allows Fresh N Healthy to track meals and containers to and from the consumer home, ensuring fresh meals are delivered to the correct home on a timely basis.

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Integrative Graphic Design

In addition, ID Enterprises relishes the challenge of partnering with new businesses and fresh ideas. Take Jen’s Gourmet Dressings as an example. Our relationship began when Jen and Matt decided to share their home recipes with the world. Stores are looking for a good product with great marketability, and our design team and production staff worked alongside Jen and Matt, to achieve that. Now well out of the start-up phase, their home-made dressings are on shelves across the Midwest.

Jen's Gourmet Dressing Labels

ID Enterprises has over 30 years of experience working with real brands.


Labels and Tags

Functional, alluring, and of the finest quality, our printing makes the most of shelf space while increasing your efficiencies.

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We conceptualize, fabricate, install and maintain interior and exterior signage, creating a thrilling atmosphere at your facility or store-front.

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Commercial Printing

Your marketing initiatives go further with us. Our print campaigns yield a true return on investment.

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Consumer Goods Packaging

We help your product stand out amongst the masses of competition, while best positioning your brand in the eye of the consumer.

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Branded Promotional Items

Maximize your customer touch-point by displaying your brand and giving them a piece of it to take home with them.

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