Business Case – Sylvan Bio

Sylvan Bio, Inc. is the sole producer of bulk Organic Red Yeast Rice in the United States. ID Enterprises partnered with Sylvan Bio to create, design and bring to market three new, all natural consumer brands, packaged and bottled to capture leadership market positions.

The solution included competitive assessments, category and brand analysis, graphic & package design, prototyping, web site, facebook and SEO support. Our effective design and market introduction strategies are focused on connecting the consumer to the brand, increasing loyalty and the perceived value of the product which increases the brand’s pricing power (6% premium). Our ability to provide a total solution also resulted in quicker market introduction (8 weeks) at less cost resulting in a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Sylvan Wellness Consumer Printing
Sylvan Wellness Red yeast RiceSylvan Wellness Red yeast Rice

Executive Summary

Package design can be a powerful contributor to a brand’s success. There are many examples of how design strategies have transformed brands and companies resurrecting firms such as Apple and elevating others like LG and Samsung to elite status. The right strategic decisions about design can lower costs, improve efficiencies, and increase sales.

ID Enterprises has over 30 years of experience working with real brands.


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