ID Enterprises in partner with Kreativmedia is proud to be a part of the new restaurant concept 2941 Mediterranean Street Food.

Chef Jacques Van Staden leads the way as the restaurant has expanded from its original location in Rochester, to Midtown Detroit and downtown Birmingham; with new locations coming late 2017!

It’s a progressive concept based around fresh, flavorful food in a fast casual framework. A few years ago this would sound like an unimaginable goal to accomplish at a┬áreasonable price, though concepts like these are dominating the space. A fully customize-able ordering process allows you to choose between four different meats all uniquely seasoned, or fresh falafel, then add a variety of sauces, salads and hummus. Then add a piece of warm baked Samoon, an Iraqi style bread that will not disappoint.

Along with the quality of the food, 2941 makes the customer experience a main priority. This is where ID Enterprises becomes a strategic partner. Ordering off a fully customize-able menu can be overwhelming to some, though we design, print and install signage that aids customers through the process while maintaining the modern, uncluttered feel. Further, our work is instrumental in communicating the 2941 brand throughout each restaurant. Jacques sees the power in branding in creating a loyal customer base, and a stunning aesthetic that sets them apart in the eyes of investors. Please see some of our work below, and check out one of the 2941 Street Food locations when you have a chance, as it truly is the next great food concept, from right here in Metro Detroit.

Map of the 2941 region, a nod to the coordinates where the flavors derive from
Dispensers with custom vinyl wrap


2941 Street Food
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